About us:

Sylvia's is a family owned business
since 1971.  Sylvia started this business in her home and then moved out
into the business centers.  This is a mother and daughters operation.  We
are licensed Wig Stylist who specialize in customizing  wigs and hair
pieces to fit each customers special needs.

We offer top quality name brand wigs and hair pieces of the best Synthetic
fibers.  Human Hair wigs are also available by special order.  Our
services also include cleaning and restyling of wigs and hair pieces as
well as cutting and trimming if needed.

We carry a full line of wigs, hair pieces, mens wigs, toupees,  turbans,
liners, scarfs, hats, and sleep caps for customers who are going through
hair loss due to chemotherapy, atopecia, or other reasons.  Additional
products we carry are: bangs, bangs with sides on a band,
combs/brushes, hair spray, shampoo, conditioner, mousse, styrofoam
heads, plastic wig stands, tape and other wig needs.  We also carry
custom made jewelry..